Saturday, 26 January 2013

‘Visionaries and dreamers have always been dusted with a little oddity.’

As always I have been working hard, I redecorated my blog as you can see, getting rid of the stock background and replacing it with a tiled version of my logo. I then made a collage of a few of my highest quality pictures of my favourite biggest hope for this year is to buy a really high quality camera so all my pictures can look as good as those. I am new to blogging so please bare with me and I promise to make it the best blog I can. Anyway I hope you like it.

Everything for the fashion show I am putting on is going really well. Brighton graphic designers Osomi created this flier for me...check out their website for more information.

I have been working hard to create some awesome head pieces for the catwalk that fit into the themes of the show - lust and decadence. These are not finished yet but I thought you might all like a sneak preview. 

This one is called A Very English Submission...I am going to totally cover the head band in the roses and add details to the sexy tied up sailor girl.
This one is called A Very English Domination - I am actually going to keep this one almost as is - just a few tweaks here and there. The hat is totally made out of Polymer Clay and the bow is made out of Latex.

 I must have been in a sculpting mood this week as I also made 2 characters for my ADULT range 'Where are they now? Beloved Childrens TV Characters.' First I made 'Tinker bell - Still on that Pixie Dust' and then I made 'Cookie Monster - C is for Cholesterol' hehe. I have so much fun for these and they really are just to satisfy the artist in me and my sense of humour, no offence caused is intentional...well, maybe a bit. I really enjoy writing the stories that go with them so please take a moment to read them.

Tinker Bell to this day remains the tiniest starlet ever to grace the screen. Her role started off simply as ‘A Common Fairy’ and her cute demeanour, funny wit and her backstage schmoozing promoted her to the Tinker Bell we all knew and loved as one of the stars of Peter Pan….but there was always a dark undertone to her partying…her obvious bipolar causing her deep bouts of depression she would squash with booze and ‘pixie dust’ - a long running joke with the writers and cast of the show. She is still managing to work to fund her habit for now but now looks washed up and her need for time off for various surgeries, unsuccessful stints in rehab and even community service are leaving bosses frustrated...rumour has it her nose is a prosthetic and her bosses are thinking of replacing her character with someone more stable. We will keep you updated.

The Cookie Monster. Where is he now? Many generations of Sesame Street fans knew and loved him for his gluttonous ways and poor use of the English language and he quickly became a firm favourite for kids and grown up kids alike but with the growing child obesity crisis it wasn't long before the PC police turned their burning torches and pointing their pitchforks in his direction. Television producers begged him to change his compulsive eating ways and to lose some weight but for a Muppet whose popularity had always been based upon his binging ways this proved to be an impossible task. He soon lost air time and with it his inner social butterfly. These days he rarely leaves the house, gets his cookies delivered to the door and watches old episodes of him in his hay day, sobbing whilst melancholically humming his infamous theme tune C is for Cookie...

I did then get a chance to make some jewellery. I absoloutly adore these comic hair clips and as soon as the fashion show is over I am going to make a whole load to take around all the quirky shops where I live. Unlike a lot of the stuff I make I think these are really sell-able in a commercial sense but they still satisfy my individuality and fun.


 My mum gave me a load of vintage watch faces the other day and I have loads of cool ideas for using them  - but I thought it was about time I made something for the lovers of Valentines day...but never fear I will be back making my Anti-Valentines day stuff very soon.

'Lets Begin Our Fairytale' Necklace

I do have a few more pieces to put up but today I need to go into town and buy some more glue/gloss/clay and well basically everything...why is it that everything always runs out at the same time? Anyway I will post those all soon. I have been feeling really inspired this week and have found inspiration in almost everything. Here are some pictures of what you might be able to expect of me in the future.

I love the idea of a studded gas mask, so kick ass. Would have to girlie it up in some way though.

How cute is this fella? Perfect for an Anti-Easter design...yes, I am  going to do an anti Easter range...I am anti everything. 

I found this a while ago but totally forgot...I love the idea that clouds excrete rainbows...and  everything should be drunk at least once.

Any artwork by Mark Ryden is an inspiration for Trinkerbelle. cute and bizarre that's what I'm all about.

I am making a dissected frog necklace...this is happening...definitely going to make it a super cute Kawaii one with a little happy face.

Promise to upload pics of my other work soon...Hope you have enjoyed this post and the new look, spread the Trinkerbelle word. x

(If any of my inspiration pictures are yours please just let me know...I just pull so much off of Google images I can never keep track of where or who. I try to link where I can so please just send me a message.)

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