Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For I Can Raise No Money By Vial Means!

Yes I just misquoted Shakespeare and yes, it was worth it. Every now and then I make lots of teeny tiny things to go in a little vial necklace...

Every now and then I make something of epic cute proportions...this, is one of those things. A fairy love potion necklace. Includes 1 unicorns horn (died of natural causes obviously) rose petals plucked from the love fairies garden, a golden mushroom the rarest of all the mushrooms in fairy land, a tear shed by the wicked witch, a feather plucked from a sleeping silver angels wing and the only remaining writings of such a spell on an ancient scroll.

The perfect hangover cure, a vial of coffee beans with the cutest little mocha-chocca-cappa-chappa-doo-daa  with  extra cream  on the side.
My attempt at Christmas spirit.

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