Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Things Can Only Get Better!

Just a cute little robot girl.

Zombie eat your heart out necklace.

I totally love this guy - A lot of hard work went into him and I remember feeling very proud.

Love these guys...frothy beer...yum!

Probably my most popular design.

Mini handbags and hats currently on display at Brighton Arts Club.

Think I just wanted to make something uber girly and looks like I succeeded.


Love the cloud.

A custom order AppleJack set.

Tough as old boots, very detailed - sold this at the Brighton Arts Shop.

A rose among the thorns - probably the most commercial piece I have made, got a great photo of it to.

This is another that I am very proud of, totally original. Geek meets Trinkerbelle.

I made these after getting told of for not being cute and girly enough.

These didn't quite end up how I wanted them to, like the sushi though.

My little pony zombie necklace - not very original but had to give this one a go!

What's in your bag of swag? Trinkerbelles first attempt at a key ring

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