Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fruits With Mental Health Issues

I would love to be able to remember my exact thought process when I decided to create a range of fruit with different mental health issues but I can't...I'm sure it all started with the Anorexic Apple and then snowballed from there. I was increasingly careful not to create something offensive my aim was to design collectable items (that could be made into ornaments/charms/pendants etc.) that were aesthetically pleasing and raised awareness. I think for me, this was a turning point -I became totally obsessed with creating them and fell hopelessly in love with them all. Each little fruit comes with it's own diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. They are currently on display at the Brighton Arts Club.

Clinically Depressed Coconut
Diagnosis: Clinical Depression
Needs: Reminders to take his medication and a friendly ear.

                                                                       Anorexic Apple
                                                            Diagnosis: Anorexia Nervosa
                                               Needs: Gentle encouragement during mealtimes.

                                                                 Paranoid Pineapple -
                                                                 Diagnosis: Paranoia.
                                      Needs: Constant reassurance and a place he feels safe.



                                                          Exhibitionistic Eggplant.
                                                         Diagnosis: Exhibitionism
                                   Needs: Constant supervision and to be kept away from children.

                                                             Body Dysmorphic Bananna
                                                            Diagnosis: Body Dysmorphia
                             Needs: To be kept away from mirrors and help to understand the root

                                                                   causes for his illness.

                                                            Trichotillomaniac Tomato.
                            Diagnosis: Trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out ones hair)
                                      Needs: To be kept calm and taught distraction techniques.

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