Wednesday, 2 January 2013

(WARNING ADULT) Where Are They Now? Beloved Childrens TV Characters.

Once the obsession of fruit with mental health issues had released me from it's grip I needed a new wacky project to keep the 
creative demons at bay and shortly after, this idea came to me - what happens to the characters they love when children get too old for them...I still have so many I need to do including Tinkerbelle - still snorting that pixie dust, a botox addicted Jessica Rabbit and an obese cookie monster...I really hope you love these as much as I do - each one is my baby. Please don't just look at the pictures, the story truly makes them...My fave design is TinkyWinky but my fave story is Arthur definitely...what's yours?  I will continue to add to this page as and when I have time to indulge myself.

(No offence intended)

Winnie The Pooh...where is he now you ask? Well it's a sad story. After Christoper Robins finally grew up, he went to study Law in London not far from where Pooh bear and his friends had lived in Sussex. He didn't have much time for his little anthropomorphic friends anymore and each one slowly drifted away (Tiggers obvious drug problem finally sending him on a downward spiral straight into rehab and Eeyore depression finally getting the better of him)...Pooh found himself alone in the Ashdown forest, day by day more trees were getting cut down, more land getting taken over by new branches of Tescos...Pooh hated Tescos. So Pooh set out to the shining lights of the nearest town, Brighton to find some more acting work. Unfortunately his life long and on going weight problems (he can often be seen falling about Kemp Town slurring that he is 'just big boned') stood in the way and as he watched all the parts going to more slender bears in the industry, the honey started to run out. He soon got in with the wrong crowd and was convinced his only option was to sell his young fuzzy body to dirty men coming to the town for a bit of fun...And now it's a well known fact that Pooh bear, will fuck for honey!

In 2002 when the Telletubbies came to an end TinkyWinky still had stardom in his eyes. He waited for the calls asking him to go to Hollywood but they never came. He started going to castings but all the parts would go to the actors that could actually speak. All that was left was the parties, his one last foot in the door of fame...and look at him now.

Arthur - after many years on our screen (he still actually self broadcasts the show for 'the fans') Arthur finally realised that books and libraries are not the answer as no matter how much he studied he kept getting held back a year. He decided that all anyone cares about is swag! He gave up his library card for a cane and his book bag for some bling. He currently uses Elwood City to smuggle drugs from all over the world and trickles them down through his 'posse' of petrified gang members who - after watching Arthur shoot his best friend Buster Baxter in the face without even blinking will never try to overturn his reign. Sister Dora Winifred is currently sleeping with a rival gang member...we will keep you updated on how that one works out for her.

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