Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Time is Nearly Upon Us.

Hey guys, so sorry I have not blogged in a while. Only 1 week until the Guerrilla Fashion show and things are going really well, but it does mean I don't have as much time for Trinkerbelle stuff - however as I was putting together the images for this blog I realised I have still managed quite a bit. 

Here are some tattoo style rings I made...they are not my usual style and are again, quite commercial but they are really eye catching and a beautiful colour. I love wearing them and haven't managed to put them in the shop because I can't let go. They go great with my blue nail varnish and are a lot of fun. Everyone comments on them. 

I have had this idea for a while (sorry about poor picture quality) and I think it's really fun - maybe it has been done before but I couldn't find anything like it. It fits in well with my Trinkerbelle themes of gore and cute. I like taking something classic and overused and putting a funky, gory spin on it.

I'm not going to lie, this I have actually attempted before but this is the first one to work. For some reason I struggle a little with horses/unicorn heads. I love the idea that a unicorns blood is made out of a rainbow and I was inspired by a piece of street art I saw AGES ago which was one ripped in the middle by a rainbow.

If you saw my last blog post you will have seen my inspiration for this decapitated frog necklace - I adore him and think that he may be my new favourite. He was really fun to make. Sorry again for such an awful picture - I am saving for a camera...

Do you like this gas mask set I made? I am fast becoming obsessed with gas masks and have thought of doing themed ones (i.e Micky Mouse, pikachu etc.) Expect to see a lot more where these came from!

Then I made this Mounted stag head necklace which I got modelled and photographed professionally because I couldn't get the picture right - one day I will have all my jewellery photographed like this. I totally love it but think I am going to make a few more detailed ones in different colours. I have also been inspired to make one with Bambi's head on it - very Trinkerbelle. 
Trinkerbelle is very much against hunting and mounting animal heads. 

Here are just a few things inspiring me this week.

This has inspired me to do Bambi's head mounted. So cute.

I adore this.

Definitely going to do a mouse trap coffin necklace or ring.

Amazing street art I will find a way to make something similar into a piece of jewellery.

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Will be uploading a lot more as soon as the show is over in less than a week. EEK!

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